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Holocaust Survivor Services

For decades, JFS has played a key role in supporting the needs of Holocaust Survivors in the Tidewater region. In 1950, JFS received a grant for the resettlement of Holocaust survivors and other refugees from World War II. Countless Holocaust Survivors and other new Americans (refugees) received support services from JFS.
In 1990 the Soviet Jewish Resettlement program was reestablished in response to “Operation Exodus” in which Jewish people from the former Soviet Union were allowed to leave following the fall of the “Iron Curtain”. JFS responded by matching families with host synagogue volunteers, finding apartments, job placement and ESL classes. By 1993 over 271 people came to the Tidewater area through the Soviet Jewish Resettlement Program. JFS had a 97% success rate in job placement within four months of a new American’s arrival, and by 1995, some of these refugees formally become US citizens.


JFS continues this tradition of support to Holocaust Survivors through funds provided by generous local donations and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Jewish Family Service of Tidewater, Inc. receives funds from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany; Social Services for Nazi Victims have been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against the German Government.

Survivors have unique and complex needs that cannot be managed in isolation from their histories. JFS provides a bridge to help link Survivors with support service that meet individualized needs. Our staff provides advocacy, promotes opportunities for socialization, arranges services such as free transportation and translation for medical appointments, and provides case management support.

New Americans Acculturation/Holocaust Survivor Program

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