From generation to generation, our services are deeds of loving kindness for all.

From the beginning of a life to its end, JFS helps individuals and families cope with life’s obstacles. Be it immediate help in economically challenging times, support during a crisis, health care for a loved one, compassionate guidance for an ongoing problem, or the opportunity to help another human being, JFS can provide you with:

Home Health Care – specialized healthcare services provided in your own by registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), physical therapists, and other specialists to help transition you or a loved one home from the hospital or nursing facility. Support services, such as home health aides/personal care services, are also available up to 24 hours a day.

Counseling – a full range of counseling services for all ages provided by Master’s level Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Individual, couples and family counseling services to address a range of issues.

The Dozoretz Center for Family Healing – a community resource center established to help people of all ages cope with life’s changes, including death of a loved one, divorce, family illness, relocation, and more.

Personal Affairs Management – a protective service designed to safeguard the personal and financial affairs of vulnerable adults (18 and older) with physical and/or mental disabilities who have no appropriate family or friends to assist and care for them.

Older Adult  Services/Case Management – designed to assess the medical, personal and social service needs of older adults who require assistance. A plan of care is developed with the focus on enabling individuals to maintain quality of life and dignity, and to remain in their own homes as long as they are safely able. Transportation to medical appointments is also available.

Adoption Resources –  as a licensed private child placement agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia, JFS provides adoption home studies, placement, and post-placement supervision.

Food and Financial Assistance – JFS operates kosher and non-kosher food pantries to provide nutritional assistance to families and individuals, regardless of affiliation. JFS also offers community resources and financial assistance to Jewish individuals to help with medical, financial, and personal emergencies. We also offer the only kosher Meals on Wheels program in the community.

Special Needs Services – JFS provides social, recreational, and religious programs for Jewish people with disabilities, to help them integrate within the community and to live with dignity to the full extent of their capabilities.