Personal Affairs Management

The Personal Affairs Management (PAM) program is designed to safeguard the personal and financial affairs of vulnerable adults with physical, cognitive, and/or mental disabilities. The PAM program has been recognized as a Model Program by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging and is approved as a Public Guardian by the Virginia Department of Aging.

JFS Personal Affairs Management offers case management and financial services appropriate to two levels of service:


The Court appoints JFS to be responsible for making decisions regarding the client’s support, care, health, safety, rehabilitation, educations, therapeutic treatment, and residence.


The Court appoints JFS to be responsible for managing the estate and financial affairs of an incapacitated person.

Case Management Services

• Multidisciplinary team approach by professionals specializing in:
• Mental health
• Nursing
• Law enforcement
• Social work
• Rehabilitation therapy
• Developmental disabilities
• 24-hour on call service
• Quality of life enhancement
• Personal and medical care management

Financial Services

• Bill payment
• Conserved fund investment
• Property and asset management

Download our PAMGuideforFamiliesBookletVer2 to understand more about Personal Affairs Management for you or a loved one!

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JFS Personal Affairs Management
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