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Love, nurturance, and protection have always been the birthright of children; they embody the traditions of family and community and represent hopes and dreams for the future. Adoption Resources of Jewish Family Service is dedicated to preserving this birthright by ensuring a safe and nurturing environment in which each child will grow and thrive. We have operated as a licensed, child placing agency since 1968. JFS provides:

Services for Birth Families

We offer assistance to birth families facing unplanned pregnancies. Decisions made during this time can be confusing and overwhelming. Our caring, professional staff will provide emotional support and guidance to help birth families make decisions that are in the best interest of both the family and the child.

Pregnancy counseling services are focused on helping birth families make good decisions for their unplanned pregnancy.

Services for Adoptive Families

Adoption is a life long process. The experienced professionals at Adoption Resources of Jewish Family Service are here to help prospective families prepare for and understand the developmental process that adoption entails, so that their families will thrive.

If you are considering adoption, it is important to know all of your options, opportunities, and requirements. All adoptions in Virginia require a home study. Most families starting the process do not know what kind of adoption they want to pursue. Your social worker can discuss the options available and the pros and cons of each. They include:
• Parental Placement Adoption (also known as private placement) – Where a child is identified mutually by both the adoptive parents and the prospective birth parents.
• Agency Adoption – Where a child (born in the United States) is identified by an adoption agency and placed in an adoptive home.

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