“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. My children were able to celebrate Chanukah this year and it couldn’t have happened without JFS. With your help, they received “everything” they wanted. And with that in mind, so did I.”
– Annie, single mother of three

“When I lost my job, JFS was there for me and for my children. Nothing can describe how grateful I am for the help we received. In two years my family went from having what we needed to not knowing where we would live or what we would eat. We were hungry and our clothes were too small. With the kindness and generosity of JFS, that has all changed. I now sleep a little easier at night and the pit has almost disappeared from the bottom of my stomach. Thank you Angels, thank you.”
– Beth, single mother, unemployed 14 months

“When my father got sick, JFS was able to meet all of his medical needs and provide counseling to our entire family as well. No other provider could have helped us in such a holistic and empathetic way.”
– David

“When my husband had a stroke and was forced to live in a nursing home, the JFS transportation service enabled me to visit him three times a week. Without this service, I would have only been able to see him once in a while as I cannot drive. This service has truly transformed our quality of life in a very challenging time.”
– Zell, 85 years old